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Equestrian Care

Buy your skin care products and make up from us. It may seem odd to have skin care products in a equestrian store, but both Yvonne Ryding and JennyP have the concept that makes it easy to take care of their skin. There is a lot about skin care but also how to look at a competition or everyday as well.
Yvonnes YR-Spa is a skin care series where every detail is thought through, everything with manufacturing, the environment and, of course, what your hustler needs is balanced with consideration and knowledge.
JennyP's equestrian makeup is done for us active riders that gets sweaty and dirty. When time is short and you do not have time to put on makeup, then this is absolutely the right makeup, just brush on and you're done. The equestrian makeup is made of pure minerals that hide impurities in the sky while it cares.