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Horse grooming

Here among grooming you will find best-quality brushes, but also man and tail brushes. At Hogsta Ridsport you can buy your brushes online or at our equistrian store at Drottningholm Sweden.

Worth thinking about is that grooming are not just for the horse to be clean and nice, it also provides a lovely touch with the horse and increases the horse's well-being through the beneficial massage grooming contribute.
If your horse is sensitive and gets angry when you groom, it may be worth trying a bit softer brushes. They brush you think is the best may not live up to your horse's expectations.
In our range of brushes, we have selected some of our favorites that have even been tagged with Hogsta Ridsport's logo. With the right brushes, your horse's grooming will be a true pleasure for both of you and the finish result.