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NAF Dog Shampoo + Toy

The perfect Christmas gift for your dog!

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The perfect Christmas gift for your dog!
Dog'Skin dog shampoo is a mild and effective shampoo. If you have got a four-legged friend who enjoys to rol around in things, then NAF's dog shampoo is the best option for you, the shampoo is specially formulated to eliminate smelly odors from your dog. The product contains enzymatic odor removers that neutralise odors in the fur and whose effect remains in the fur even after rinsing. 

The shampoo from NAF contributes to microflora balancing through the content of probiotics, cleans and degreases at the same time as moisturising and contains no strong scents but only leaves a fresh scent of Tea Tree.

The Christmas gift also contains a fun dog toy for your four-legged friend, this dog toy is made of a suede leather that is durable, the inside is made of plant fibers. The dog toy is gentle for the dog's teeth and gums and contains no plastic, only natural dyes and is biodegradable. 

This is the perfect Christmas gift for your dog!