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Buy your riding helmet from KASK with us at Hogsta Riddsport online or in the shop in Drottningholm Sweden.
KASK is an Italian riding helmet manufacturer who has understood what is required of today's rider. The Riding helmet from KASK is extremely light and airy with a design that resembles the classic riding helmet but is top-modern. These helmets you can desing yourself to suit your style.

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Star Lady Chrome - Black
Dogma Chrome Crystal Frame - Black
KASK Liner

KASK Liner


Dogma Chrome - Black/Silver

Are you looking for a riding helmet from KASK? Then you have found the right place!

Dogma Chrome light - Navy
Dogma Chrome light - Navy/Silver
Dogma Chrome - Brown
Dogma Chrome Crystal Frame - Navy
Star Lady Chrome - Navy
Star Lady Chrome - Brown
Star Lady Chrome - Black/Silver
Star Lady Chrome - Navy/Silver
Star Lady Chrome - Anthracite
Dogma Chrome - Black/Everyrose
Dogma Chrome - Navy/Everyrose
Star Lady Chrome - Black/Everyrose
Star Lady Chrome - Navy/Everyrose
Kask Star Lady Chrome - Own Design

Kask Liner Buttons


Star Lady Crystal Frame - Black
Star Lady Crystal Frame - Navy
Dogma Chrome - Black/Gold
Dogma Chrome - Navy/Gold
Dogma Chrome - Anthracite
Star Lady Chrome - Black/Gold
Star Lady Chrome - Navy/Gold
ridhjälm kask kook matt svarti
ridhjälm kask kooki matt blå
ridhjälm kask kooki shine svart
ridhjälm kask kooki shine blå

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